Spandrel Panels

Euroview offers a variety of different styles of spandrel panels in order to suit your building, both in style and specification.

Spandrel Panels

Euroview offers a variety of different styles of spandrel panels in order to suit your building, both in style and specification.

Introduction of Spandrel Panels

Euroview presents a wide array of spandrel panels designed to complement your building’s style and specifications. Our diverse selection caters to various architectural visions, offering sleek modern designs or timeless classics to suit any preference. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our spandrel panels seamlessly integrate into your building’s facade, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

With options for customisation, including colour choices and material selections, Euroview ensures flexibility to meet your project’s unique requirements. Trust us to deliver high-quality spandrel panels that not only elevate the design of your building but also uphold our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and service.

Aesthetically fitting

Spandrel panels are the areas of a curtain wall or screen located between the vision areas of windows that conceal structural columns, floor slabs, and shear walls. A large spectrum of ceramic products are available from Euroview in IGU form.

Customised to your needs

Almost the full range of RAL Classic colours can be used in addition to our standard colours. We are able to provide A1 fire-rated insulation board bonded to the glass along with aluminium or steel-pressed trays according to your specification. We ensure our glass is of the highest standard with our suppliers and partnerships.

Standard Colours

Euroview not only provides a diverse range of non-standard colours but also maintains a sizeable inventory.

of ready-to-use standard colours, including

Please note that the actual colours of products may vary from what is displayed on your computer screen due to differences in monitor settings and calibration. We recommend viewing physical samples for accurate colour representation. 






Advantages Of Ceramic Spandrels

Ceramic spandrels offer a combination of durability, aesthetic versatility & much more


Euroview supports a range of coated glass products which offer natural light transmission whilst ensuring energy savings, solar protection and thermal insulation.


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Spandrels contribute to the visual appeal of buildings by concealing structural elements and creating a smooth, continuous façade. They can be designed to complement the overall architectural style and enhance the building’s appearance.



Spandrels provide additional support to the building’s structure by filling the space between floors or structural members. This helps to distribute loads and reinforce the building’s stability, contributing to its overall strength and durability.


Euroview Architectural Glass offers high-quality architectural glass solutions, including their reliable heat soaking service, ensuring durability and safety for all projects.


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Spandrels can be constructed with insulation materials to improve the building’s thermal performance. By reducing heat transfer through exterior walls, spandrels help to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and lower energy costs for heating and cooling.

Ceramic spandrels offer a wide range of design options, including various colours, textures, and patterns. This versatility allows architects and designers to create customised façades that complement the overall aesthetic of the building and enhance its visual appeal.