Woodberry Down

Woodberry Down

Woodberry Down Regeneration Project

Client: Berkeley Group

Contractor: Stanmore Contractors
Manufacturer: Euroview Architectural Glass
Location: North London


Project Overview

Woodberry Down, located in North London, is a flagship regeneration project led by the Berkeley Group. This ambitious initiative aims to create 5,500 new homes within a sustainable development framework that prioritises the natural environment and energy conservation. The development boasts a unique waterside setting and is designed to foster a thriving community atmosphere.


Project Goals

The primary objectives of the Woodberry Down regeneration project include:

  • Creating a sustainable and energy-efficient residential area.
  • Ensuring high standards of living comfort and indoor environmental quality.
  • Preserving the natural environment and enhancing the community’s connection to the waterside location.


Our Role

Euroview Architectural Glass was commissioned to provide Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) that meet the highest standards of thermal insulation and visual neutrality. Partnering with Stanmore Contractors, we supplied our advanced Guardian Climaguard A1.0 glass.



For this project, Euroview processed Guardian Climaguard A1.0, a cutting-edge soft-coat Low-E glass. This product is specifically designed to deliver superior thermal insulation while maintaining excellent neutrality in appearance. The glass’s high light transmission capabilities ensure that residents enjoy a naturally lit indoor environment, contributing to both comfort and energy efficiency.


Key Features of Guardian Climaguard A1.0

  • Thermal Insulation: Offers the highest level of thermal insulation possible in standard double glazing IGUs, reducing energy consumption and enhancing comfort.
  • Neutrality: The glass has a neutral colour, avoiding any tint that might alter the appearance of the natural light.
  • Light Transmission: High light transmission properties help to create bright and welcoming indoor spaces.



The use of Guardian Climaguard A1.0 in Woodberry Down has contributed significantly to the project’s sustainability goals. The exceptional thermal performance of the IGUs ensures lower energy consumption for heating and cooling, aligning with the project’s commitment to energy conservation. Additionally, the pleasant indoor environment supported by the glass’s high light transmission and neutral colour enhances the residents’ quality of life.



Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to be part of the Woodberry Down regeneration project. By providing high-quality IGUs with superior thermal insulation and excellent neutrality, we have helped create a sustainable and comfortable living environment. This project exemplifies our commitment to innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern developments.

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