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University Of Plymouth

High Selectivity Solar Control Glass for University of Plymouth

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to have contributed to the transformation of the Intercity House in Plymouth, a landmark project aimed at creating a state-of-the-art facility to support the University of Plymouth’s Faculty of Health. Working in collaboration with Imperial Facades, this development emphasizes energy efficiency and enhanced indoor comfort through advanced glazing solutions.


Client: Imperial Facades


Project: Intercity House, University of Plymouth


Product: Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33


Project Details

The Intercity House project is a significant construction endeavor, designed to convert an existing structure into a premier educational facility. The goal was to provide a modern, efficient, and comfortable environment for students and staff while reducing the building’s energy consumption. Euroview Architectural Glass played a crucial role by processing Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 glass for this development.


Glass Solution

The Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 glass is renowned for its high selectivity in solar control. This advanced glass technology blocks 67% of solar heat, significantly reducing the cooling load and associated energy costs. Simultaneously, it allows 70% of natural light to penetrate the interior spaces, ensuring a bright and conducive learning environment.



  1. Energy Efficiency: By blocking a substantial portion of solar heat, the Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 glass helps maintain optimal indoor temperatures, reducing the reliance on air conditioning and thus lowering energy costs.

  2. Enhanced Comfort: The high light transmittance ensures that the interior spaces are well-lit with natural light, promoting a comfortable and productive atmosphere for the faculty and students.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The glass provides a sleek and modern look, contributing to the building’s aesthetic upgrade.



The Intercity House project at the University of Plymouth exemplifies the successful application of high-performance glazing solutions in modern educational facilities. Euroview Architectural Glass, through its processing of Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33, has significantly contributed to achieving the project’s energy efficiency and comfort goals. We are excited to see the completion of this remarkable development and the positive impact it will have on the University of Plymouth’s Faculty of Health.

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