UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

Client: UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC)
Contractor: Elite Aluminium Systems
Manufacturer: Euroview Architectural Glass
Location: Coventry, UK


Project Overview

The UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) in Coventry is a pioneering facility dedicated to the development of advanced battery technologies. As the headquarters for innovative battery development in the UK, this production site is the first of its kind, playing a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for efficient battery storage solutions.


Project Goals

The primary objectives of the UKBIC project include:

  • Establishing a state-of-the-art facility for battery technology development.
  • Ensuring the building is energy-efficient and offers a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Achieving high standards of thermal insulation and light transmission.


Our Role

Euroview Architectural Glass was selected to supply and process high-performance low-emissivity (low-e) glass for the UKBIC headquarters. Collaborating with Elite Aluminium Systems, we provided Guardian Climaguard A1.1 glass to meet the project’s stringent requirements.



For this project, Euroview processed Guardian Climaguard A1.1, a premium low-e glass known for its excellent thermal insulation and visual neutrality. With a high light transmission of 79% and a g value of 65%, Climaguard A1.1 ensures that the facility is both energy-efficient and well-lit with natural light.


Key Features of Guardian Climaguard A1.1


  • Thermal Insulation: Provides superior thermal insulation, helping to reduce energy consumption and maintain a stable indoor temperature.
  • Neutral Appearance: The glass maintains a neutral appearance, ensuring no colour distortion in the light transmitted through the windows.
  • High Light Transmission: With a light transmission rate of 79%, the glass allows ample natural light into the building, enhancing the indoor environment.
  • G Value: A g value of 65% ensures effective solar heat gain, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the facility.



The installation of Guardian Climaguard A1.1 glass at the UKBIC headquarters has significantly contributed to the building’s energy efficiency and occupant comfort. The low-e glass’s high light transmission and thermal insulation properties help achieve optimal indoor conditions, while its neutrality ensures a pleasing visual aesthetic. These attributes support the centre’s mission to foster innovation in battery technology within a sustainable and energy-efficient environment.



Euroview Architectural Glass is honoured to have contributed to the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre project. By supplying and processing Guardian Climaguard A1.1 low-e glass, we have helped create a cutting-edge facility that meets high standards of energy efficiency and occupant comfort. This project underscores our commitment to providing advanced glass solutions for modern, innovative developments.

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