Thrayle House

Thrayle House

Thrayle House

Advanced Glazing Solutions for Thrayle House Redevelopment

Project Overview

Thrayle House in Stockwell, South London, is undergoing a significant redevelopment to transform an existing 1970s block into a modern family of buildings, varying in scale up to 20 storeys. This ambitious project includes four residential blocks of varying sizes, a standalone block of five townhouses, and commercial units on the ground floor. The redevelopment will provide 170 homes for Network Housing Group, featuring a mix of family houses, duplex dwellings, dual-aspect apartments, and penthouses, with 40 homes designed specifically for older people and available for rent.



Network Housing Group



Thrayle House Redevelopment, Stockwell, South London



Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite SKN 176 II


Project Details

The Thrayle House redevelopment aims to create a vibrant, modern living space while addressing the diverse needs of its residents. Euroview Architectural Glass processed and supplied Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite SKN 176 II glass for this project. This solar control glass is ideal for residential and commercial applications, offering high light transmittance, a low g-value, and excellent neutrality.


Glass Solution


Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite SKN 176 II


  • High Light Transmittance: Ensures that natural light floods the interiors, creating bright and welcoming living spaces.
  • Solar Control: The low g-value minimizes solar heat gain, reducing cooling loads and energy costs.
  • Excellent Neutrality: Maintains clear and neutral aesthetics, providing minimal color distortion and a natural view.




  1. Energy Efficiency: The Cool-Lite SKN 176 II glass significantly reduces the amount of solar heat entering the buildings, lowering the need for air conditioning and thus reducing energy consumption.
  2. Enhanced Living Environment: High light transmittance ensures well-lit interiors, improving the quality of life for residents.
  3. Aesthetic and Functional Excellence: The glass offers a modern, neutral appearance while delivering outstanding performance in terms of solar control and light transmittance.


Challenges and Continuity


Despite the challenging circumstances posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Euroview Architectural Glass was able to continue its work on the Thrayle House project. The dedication and collaboration of all partners involved were crucial to maintaining progress during these unprecedented times.




The Thrayle House redevelopment demonstrates the effective use of high-performance glazing solutions in creating modern, efficient, and comfortable living spaces. Euroview Architectural Glass, through its processing and supply of Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite SKN 176 II, has played a key role in achieving the project’s goals of energy efficiency and enhanced resident comfort. We extend our gratitude to all our partners for their collaboration and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we look forward to the positive impact this redevelopment will have on the Stockwell community.

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