The Quadrangle

The Quadrangle

The Quadrangle

Advanced Glazing Solutions for The Quadrangle, Cheltenham

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is excited to have supplied advanced glazing solutions for The Quadrangle, a state-of-the-art work and social space in Cheltenham. This unique commercial area promises to be a contemporary hub for businesses and social activities.



The Quadrangle, Cheltenham


Products Supplied

  1. Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0
  2. Guardian Sunguard 70/35
  3. Guardian Sunguard SN29/18


Project Details

The Quadrangle project required high-performance glass solutions to enhance energy efficiency and create a comfortable indoor environment conducive to work and social activities. Euroview supplied Aluminium Sashes with three different Guardian Glass products: ClimaGuard A1.0, Sunguard 70/35, and Sunguard SN29/18.


Glass Solutions


  1. Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0

    • Thermal Insulation: ClimaGuard A1.0 is a soft coat, dual-stock Low-E glass that offers optimal thermal insulation in standard double glazed insulating glass units.
    • Energy Efficiency: Helps in maintaining indoor temperatures, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and contributing to energy savings.
  2. Guardian Sunguard 70/35

    • Solar Protection: Sunguard 70/35 offers solar protection by reducing solar heat gain, which helps in lowering the need for artificial lighting and cooling.
    • Natural Light: Allows ample natural light into the space, creating a bright and welcoming environment.
  3. Guardian Sunguard SN29/18

    • Solar Control: Sunguard SN29/18 provides effective solar control, optimizing daylighting and reducing glare.
    • Energy Efficiency: Helps in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing energy consumption.




  1. Energy Efficiency: The combination of ClimaGuard A1.0, Sunguard 70/35, and Sunguard SN29/18 contributes to significant energy savings by reducing both lighting and cooling loads.

  2. Optimal Work and Social Environment: High light transmittance from Sunguard products enhances natural daylighting, creating a productive and inviting atmosphere.

  3. Contemporary Aesthetic: The glass solutions contribute to the contemporary and sleek design of The Quadrangle, enhancing its visual appeal.



The Quadrangle in Cheltenham exemplifies the successful integration of advanced glazing solutions to achieve energy efficiency and create an optimal work and social environment. Euroview Architectural Glass, in collaboration with The Quadrangle, supplied Aluminium Sashes with Guardian Glass products to meet the project’s specific requirements. We are excited to see the completion of this state-of-the-art commercial space and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the Cheltenham community.

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