Kingsdale School

Kingsdale School

Kingsdale School

Advanced Glazing Solutions for Kingsdale Foundation School

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to have partnered with Sealtite Windows on the Kingsdale Foundation School projects, providing high-performance glazing solutions to enhance the school’s infrastructure. For this project, Euroview processed Pilkington Suncool 50/25, a superior solar control glass designed to balance solar control with natural light.



Sealtite Windows



Kingsdale Foundation School



Pilkington Suncool 50/25


Project Details

The Kingsdale Foundation School project required an advanced glazing solution that could offer effective solar control while maintaining high levels of natural light within the classrooms and other facilities. Euroview processed and supplied Pilkington Suncool 50/25 glass to meet these specific needs, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for students and staff.


Glass Solution


Pilkington Suncool 50/25


  • Solar Control: This glass features an off-line solar control coating designed to reflect short wave solar radiation, reducing heat gain and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • High Natural Light Transmission: Allows 50% of natural light to enter the building, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere while minimizing the need for artificial lighting.
  • Energy Efficiency: The glass effectively reduces cooling loads and energy consumption, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective building operation.




  1. Energy Efficiency: Pilkington Suncool 50/25 glass helps in maintaining optimal indoor temperatures by reflecting a significant portion of solar radiation, thus reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy costs.
  2. Enhanced Learning Environment: The high light transmittance ensures that classrooms and other facilities are well-lit with natural light, which can improve concentration and overall well-being of students.
  3. Aesthetic and Functional Excellence: The glass provides a sleek, modern appearance while delivering outstanding solar control and natural light benefits, aligning with the architectural vision of the school.



The Kingsdale Foundation School project is a prime example of the successful application of high-performance glazing solutions in educational facilities. Euroview Architectural Glass, in collaboration with Sealtite Windows, processed and supplied Pilkington Suncool 50/25 glass to achieve the project’s goals of energy efficiency and enhanced indoor comfort. We appreciate the progress updates from Sealtite Windows and look forward to seeing the completed project, which promises to offer a better learning environment for all.

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