Haynes Ford Showroom

Haynes Ford Showroom

Haynes Ford showroom

High-Performance Glazing Solutions for Car Showroom on Marylebone Road

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass successfully supplied high-performance glazing solutions for a prestigious car showroom located on Marylebone Road. This project posed several challenges, including the need for large IGU units to create an impactful showroom space and the requirement for tight delivery schedules due to the building’s prime location.



Hazlemere Windows Ltd



Prima Systems


Products Used

  1. Cool-lite SKN 174ii Toughened & HST
  2. Reynaers SG Toggle High Performance Units


Project Details

Euroview provided new glass for replacement windows in the existing building and high-performance Reynaers SG toggle units for the new extension of the car showroom. The glazing solution needed to meet specific technical requirements and aesthetic standards suitable for a showroom environment.


Glass Solution

Euroview manufactured and supplied IGU units with the following specifications


  1. For Replacement Windows in Existing Building:

    • Outer Pane: 6mm Cool-lite SKN 174ii Toughened & HST
    • Cavity: 16mm black spacer/argon/dual sealed/Reynaers SG toggle/Sika HM25IG+ secondary seal
    • Inner Pane: 6.4mm Clear Laminated
  2. For New Extension:

    • Outer Pane: 6mm Grey Toughened & HST
    • Cavity: 16mm argon
    • Inner Pane: 6.4mm Soft-coat Low-e Laminated




  1. Large IGU Units: Euroview’s capability to manufacture units up to 5m X 3m ensured the supply of glass that met the size requirements for the impactful showroom space.

  2. Technical Expertise: Provided additional technical support to ensure that glass thicknesses and specifications were suitable for such large sizes and met the performance requirements.

  3. Tight Delivery Schedule: Committed to meeting very tight delivery slots due to the building’s location on Marylebone Road.



The car showroom project on Marylebone Road demonstrates Euroview Architectural Glass’s ability to deliver high-performance glazing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of prestigious commercial projects. We are proud to have collaborated with Hazlemere Windows Ltd and Prima Systems to provide advanced glass solutions that meet the technical, aesthetic, and logistical challenges of this project.


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