Hale Wharf

Hale Wharf

Hale Wharf

Advanced Glazing Solutions for Hale Wharf Development

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is thrilled to contribute to the Hale Wharf Development at Tottenham Hale, a significant part of a broader regeneration programme aimed at creating high-quality urban waterfront living spaces. The development, which is progressing through multiple phases, focuses on delivering sustainable and diverse residential areas. In collaboration with our customer, JPJ Installation, Euroview supplied Guardian Glass’s Sunguard 70/35 for this landmark project.



JPJ Installation



Hale Wharf Development, Tottenham Hale



Guardian Glass Sunguard 70/35


Project Details

The Hale Wharf Development is designed to transform Tottenham Hale into a vibrant urban waterfront community. This multi-phase project requires advanced glazing solutions to ensure energy efficiency, high light transmission, and sustainability. Euroview supplied Sunguard 70/35 from Guardian Glass to meet these demands, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the development.


Glass Solution


Guardian Glass Sunguard 70/35


  • Excellent Light Transmission: This glass provides high light transmittance, allowing natural daylight to illuminate the interior spaces, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.
  • Solar Control: Sunguard 70/35 effectively manages solar heat gain, ensuring indoor thermal comfort by blocking excessive heat.
  • Thermal Insulation: The glass offers superior thermal insulation properties, contributing to energy savings by reducing the need for heating and cooling.




  1. Energy Efficiency: The Sunguard 70/35 glass significantly reduces energy consumption by minimizing the need for artificial lighting and maintaining optimal indoor temperatures, thus lowering heating and cooling costs.
  2. Enhanced Living Environment: High light transmission creates bright, welcoming indoor spaces, improving the quality of living for residents.
  3. Sustainable Development: The glass supports the development’s sustainability goals by providing energy-efficient solutions that align with contemporary urban living standards.



The Hale Wharf Development at Tottenham Hale showcases the successful integration of advanced glazing solutions in modern urban regeneration projects. Euroview Architectural Glass, in partnership with JPJ Installation, supplied Guardian Glass Sunguard 70/35 to meet the project’s high standards for energy efficiency, light transmission, and sustainability. We are excited to see the continued progress of this development and the positive impact it will have on creating diverse and sustainable living spaces.

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