Haydn Ellis Building

Haydn Ellis Building

Hadyn Ellis Building

Advanced Glazing Solutions for The Hadyn Ellis Building

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to have supplied advanced glazing solutions for The Hadyn Ellis Building, a core research facility within Cardiff University. This building has become a landmark in Cardiff, contributing to the university’s research capabilities and providing a vibrant space for academic and public engagement.



Cardiff University





Project Details

The Hadyn Ellis Building project required specialized glazing solutions that could meet the requirements of a research campus while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building. Euroview Architectural Glass worked closely with Glassolutions to provide glass that not only suited the technical needs but also contributed to the colorful exterior and glass facade, offering an enticing view into the bustling atrium and exhibition areas.


Glass Solution


Euroview supplied custom glass solutions tailored to the needs of The Hadyn Ellis Building, which included:


  • Specialized Glazing: Designed to meet the specific technical requirements of a research facility.
  • Colorful Exterior: Glassolutions installed a colorful glass facade, enhancing the building’s visual appeal.
  • High Aesthetic Value: Provides an enticing view into the atrium and exhibition areas, creating a vibrant atmosphere.




  1. Enhanced Research Environment: The glazing solutions provided by Euroview contribute to a conducive research environment by ensuring optimal lighting and aesthetics.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal: The colorful glass facade enhances the visual appeal of The Hadyn Ellis Building, making it a landmark in Cardiff.

  3. Public Engagement: The design allows for an enticing view into the atrium and exhibition areas, encouraging public engagement and interaction.




The Hadyn Ellis Building stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Euroview Architectural Glass, Glassolutions, and Cardiff University. The advanced glazing solutions provided have not only met the technical requirements of the research facility but also contributed to the building’s colorful exterior and inviting glass facade. We are proud to have been part of this landmark project and look forward to its continued impact on Cardiff University and the local community.

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