FujiFilm Headquarters

Advanced Glass Solutions for Fujifilm Headquarters, Bedford

Client: Elliston Steady & Hawes (Aluminium)
Project: Fujifilm Headquarters, Bedford
Product: Guardian ClimaGuard


Overview: Euroview Architectural Glass is set to process and supply high-performance thermally insulating glass for the new Fujifilm Headquarters in Bedford. This new build project, undertaken by Elliston Steady & Hawes (Aluminium), includes the construction of a three-storey office building featuring a reception core and open-plan offices.


Project Details: The Fujifilm Headquarters will be equipped with advanced curtain walling systems that incorporate Euroview’s processed glass. The design aims to create a modern, open, and energy-efficient workspace that enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Product Benefits: For this project, Euroview will process Guardian ClimaGuard glass, a thermally insulating glass that provides exceptional light transmission while maintaining optimal thermal performance. The use of ClimaGuard glass ensures the highest levels of natural light, contributing to a bright and comfortable indoor environment. Its superior thermal insulation properties help to reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling, thereby lowering energy costs and enhancing sustainability.


Conclusion: The collaboration between Euroview Architectural Glass and Elliston Steady & Hawes on the Fujifilm Headquarters project demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality, energy-efficient glass solutions. The integration of Guardian ClimaGuard glass will not only improve the building’s performance but also support the creation of a cutting-edge workspace for Fujifilm’s employees in Bedford.

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