Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre

Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre

Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre

Client: Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre
Contractor: Leay Limited
Manufacturer: Euroview Architectural Glass
Location: Farnborough, UK



Project Overview

The Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre is a landmark facility designed to serve as a premier venue for exhibitors in the aviation industry. This architectural marvel features a stunning facade, characterised by its complex curves and aesthetic appeal. Euroview Architectural Glass was integral in bringing this vision to life by supplying high-performance glass that meets the project’s stringent requirements for weather and thermal performance.


Project Goals

The primary objectives of the Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre project include:

  • Constructing a visually striking and functional exhibition centre.
  • Ensuring the facade provides optimal weather resistance and thermal insulation.
  • Creating an iconic architectural landmark that enhances the experience for exhibitors and visitors.


Our Role

Euroview Architectural Glass was selected to supply and process the glass for the Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre’s facade. Collaborating closely with Leay Limited, we delivered high-quality glass solutions that align with the project’s aesthetic and performance goals.



For this project, Euroview supplied advanced glass that combines exceptional thermal performance with high weather resistance. The glass was meticulously processed to accommodate the facade’s complex curves, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal.


Key Features of the Glass

  • Weather Performance: The glass used in the facade provides superior weather resistance, protecting the interior from the elements and ensuring durability.
  • Thermal Insulation: High thermal performance helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The glass contributes to the stunning visual impact of the facade, with its ability to form complex curves and maintain clarity and neutrality.



The glass facade of the Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre is a testament to Euroview’s expertise in delivering high-performance glass solutions. The combination of excellent weather and thermal performance, along with the facade’s complex and visually striking design, creates an iconic structure that stands out in the aviation exhibition industry. This enhances the experience for exhibitors and visitors alike, making the centre a premier destination for aviation events.



Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to have contributed to the Farnborough Airshow Exhibition Centre. By supplying and processing high-quality glass, we have helped create a landmark facility that combines functionality with stunning aesthetics. This project underscores our commitment to providing innovative glass solutions that meet the complex demands of contemporary architectural developments.

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