Fareham School


Fareham School

Enhancing Fareham Academy's Infrastructure with Advanced Glass Solutions

Client: NA Curtain Walling 
Project: Fareham Academy
Product: Guardian ClimaGuard A.1


Overview: Euroview Architectural Glass partnered with NA Curtain Walling (NACWL) to upgrade the infrastructure of Fareham Academy. This project aimed to reduce energy costs and create a comfortable learning environment while maintaining the school’s operations during construction.


Project Details: The project required the removal of the existing 1970s facades and the installation of a new, advanced curtain walling system. NACWL managed to create a secure working enclave within the school boundary, ensuring minimal disruption to school activities. The new facade significantly enhanced the building’s aesthetics and improved its acoustic, thermal, and fire performance.


Product Benefits: For this project, Euroview processed Guardian ClimaGuard A.1 glass, which is renowned for its superior transparency and solar heat gain properties. This Low-E glass offers excellent thermal performance while allowing for increased solar heat gain, contributing to a more comfortable indoor environment. The installation of ClimaGuard A.1 glass helps maintain optimal temperature control, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling, thereby lowering energy costs.


Conclusion: The collaboration between Euroview Architectural Glass and NA Curtain Walling on the Fareham Academy project showcases our dedication to providing high-quality, energy-efficient glass solutions. The use of Guardian ClimaGuard A.1 glass not only improved the building’s functional performance but also enhanced its aesthetic appeal, creating a better learning environment for the students and staff at Fareham Academy.

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