Kew Bridge

EcoWorld London

EcoWorld London Kew Bridge

Client: EcoWorld London
Contractor: Stanmore Contractors
Manufacturer: Euroview Architectural Glass
Location: New Bridge, London


Project Overview

EcoWorld London is dedicated to creating outstanding and sustainable developments. Their latest project in Kew Bridge involves the construction of 1,000 new homes, aiming to transform the area into an exciting new neighbourhood. This regeneration project promises to provide modern, energy-efficient housing while fostering a vibrant community.

Project Goals

The primary objectives of the Kew Bridge development include:

  • Building 1,000 high-quality, sustainable homes.
  • Ensuring energy efficiency and thermal comfort for residents.
  • Creating a new and vibrant neighbourhood that promotes a sense of community.

Our Role

Euroview Architectural Glass was selected to process and supply advanced low-emissivity (low-e) glass for the Kew Bridge development. Collaborating closely with Stanmore Contractors, we provided Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0 glass to meet the high standards of the project.


For this project, Euroview processed and supplied Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0, a premium low-e glass known for its excellent thermal insulation properties. This soft coat, dual stock glass ensures the highest level of thermal performance achievable in standard double-glazed insulated glass units (IGUs).

Key Features of Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0

  • Thermal Insulation: ClimaGuard A1.0 offers the optimum level of thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption and enhancing indoor comfort.
  • Low-Emissivity: The low-e coating improves the energy efficiency of the glass, helping to maintain stable indoor temperatures.
  • High Light Transmission: The glass allows ample natural light into the homes, creating bright and welcoming indoor environments.
  • Neutral Appearance: ClimaGuard A1.0 maintains a clear and neutral appearance, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of the development.


The use of Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0 in the Kew Bridge development has significantly contributed to the project’s sustainability and energy efficiency goals. The advanced thermal insulation properties of the low-e glass help reduce energy consumption, while the high light transmission ensures that the homes are filled with natural light. This combination of features enhances the living experience for residents and supports EcoWorld London’s vision of creating a vibrant, sustainable neighbourhood.


Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to be part of the Kew Bridge development by EcoWorld London. By processing and supplying Guardian ClimaGuard A1.0 glass, we have helped create a modern, energy-efficient residential community. This project highlights our commitment to providing innovative glass solutions that meet the evolving needs of contemporary developments.

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