RHS Bridgewater

RHS Bridgewater

RHS Bridgewater

Solar Control Glass for RHS Bridgewater’s Visitor Centre

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is delighted to have contributed to one of the largest contemporary gardening projects in Europe – the revival of RHS Bridgewater. Collaborating with Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions, Euroview supplied high-performance solar control glass for the curtain walling and glazing of RHS Bridgewater’s Visitor Centre.



Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions



RHS Bridgewater Visitor Centre


Saint-Gobain Cool-lite Xtreme 70/33


Project Details

The RHS Bridgewater project focuses on creating an interconnected open space that allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the gardens, enhanced by an abundance of natural light and fresh air. The design required a glazing solution that would maximize daylight while maintaining optimal indoor thermal comfort, making Saint-Gobain Cool-lite Xtreme 70/33 the perfect choice.


Glass Solution

Saint-Gobain Cool-lite Xtreme 70/33

  • High Performance: This solar-control coated glass is designed to provide excellent thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Solar Control: It blocks 67% of the sun’s heat, significantly reducing the cooling load and associated energy costs.
  • Daylight Maximization: Allows 70% of natural light to enter the building, creating a bright and inviting indoor environment.
  • Thermal Comfort: Optimizes indoor temperatures, contributing to a comfortable visitor experience.



  1. Energy Efficiency: By blocking a significant portion of solar heat, the Cool-lite Xtreme 70/33 glass helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the need for artificial cooling and thus lowering energy consumption.
  2. Enhanced Visitor Experience: The high light transmittance ensures that the visitor centre is flooded with natural light, providing an inviting and pleasant environment for guests.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The glass offers a sleek and modern look, seamlessly integrating with the architecture of the visitor centre while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.



The RHS Bridgewater Visitor Centre project exemplifies the successful application of high-performance solar control glazing in modern architectural designs. Euroview Architectural Glass, through its processing of Saint-Gobain Cool-lite Xtreme 70/33, has significantly contributed to achieving the project’s goals of energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and aesthetic excellence. We are proud to have played a role in this landmark project and look forward to the positive impact it will have on visitors’ experiences.


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