Advanced Glazing Solutions for BHASVIC 6th Form College

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is pleased to have supported 3D Aluminium in the installation of aluminium curtain walling, windows, and doors at the 6th Form College, BHASVIC, in Brighton. This project required specialized glazing solutions to accommodate varying glass thicknesses for different classroom applications.



3D Aluminium



6th Form College, BHASVIC, Brighton



Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN176


Project Details

The BHASVIC project aimed to enhance the college’s infrastructure with advanced glazing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each classroom. The requirements included varying glass thicknesses within the same curtain walling screen to suit different classroom uses. Euroview processed and supplied Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN176, a high-performance solar control glass, to meet these demands.


Glass Solution


Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN176


  • High Performance Coating: The SKN176 glass features a high-performance coating that offers superior solar control and energy efficiency.
  • Solar Control: With a low g-value, this glass minimizes solar heat gain, reducing the cooling load and energy consumption.
  • High Light Transmittance: Allows ample natural light into the classrooms, creating a bright and conducive learning environment.
  • Excellent Neutrality: Provides clear and neutral aesthetics, ensuring minimal color distortion and a natural view.




  1. Energy Efficiency: The Cool-lite SKN176 glass significantly reduces the amount of solar heat entering the building, leading to lower energy costs for cooling.
  2. Enhanced Learning Environment: The high light transmittance ensures well-lit classrooms, which can positively impact student concentration and performance.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The glass maintains a neutral appearance, complementing the modern architectural design of the college while providing a comfortable indoor environment.



The BHASVIC 6th Form College project highlights the effective use of high-performance glazing solutions to enhance educational facilities. Euroview Architectural Glass, in collaboration with 3D Aluminium, successfully provided and processed Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN176 glass to meet the project’s specific requirements. The result is a more energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable environment for students and staff. We are proud to have contributed to this significant upgrade at BHASVIC.

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