10 Wellington Place

10 Wellington Place

10 Wellington place

Advanced Glazing Solutions for 10 Wellington Place

Project Overview

Euroview Architectural Glass is proud to have supplied state-of-the-art solar control technology for 10 Wellington Place, an incredibly prestigious building within a business park. This building houses professional offices and required advanced glazing solutions to create bright, airy spaces while managing solar heat levels effectively.



10 Wellington Place





Products Used

Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN144ii


Project Details

10 Wellington Place is renowned for its prestigious status within the business park, hosting a variety of professional offices. Euroview Architectural Glass worked with CJCT as the architect to provide solar control glass and spandrel panels that not only met technical requirements but also enhanced the building’s exterior aesthetic.


Glass Solution

Euroview supplied Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN144ii glass products, which feature:


  • State-of-the-art Solar Control: Effectively manages solar heat gain while allowing ample natural light into the offices.
  • Bright and Airy Spaces: Enhances the office environment by creating bright, airy spaces that are attractive to various businesses.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The use of solar control glass and spandrel panels ensures the building’s exterior reflects its prestigious status.




  1. Energy Efficiency: The solar control glass reduces the need for artificial cooling, contributing to energy savings and sustainability.

  2. Optimal Work Environment: Bright and airy offices improve employee well-being and productivity.

  3. Aesthetic Excellence: The building’s exterior appearance is enhanced, making it an attractive location for renowned companies.




10 Wellington Place exemplifies the successful integration of advanced glazing solutions to create a prestigious and comfortable work environment. Euroview Architectural Glass, in collaboration with CJCT, provided Saint-Gobain Cool-lite SKN144ii glass products that met the technical and aesthetic requirements of this renowned business park building. We are proud to have contributed to this landmark project and its positive impact on the professional community.

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